Gift of Love

Updated: Apr 12

Gift of Love is a nonprofit organization that is focused on providing help to all who are in need. With times such as COVID-19, many individuals and families are struggling to create a sustainable living. Our organization offers many different services to give a helping hand to those around the Dallas community.

About Us

Our organization believes in the importance of giving back and contribute to society, as it creates a sense of connectedness. With a growing organization, we strive to give back by offering services such as food pantry, prison ministry, career training, and life coaching. We donate clothes and gently used items to shelters in surrounding areas. Furthermore, our organization offers a prayer line for those who seek prayer or counseling. The work we do at our volunteer organization aims to provide a comprehensive approach to solving some of our society's biggest challenges. Our purpose not only is to change and shape lives, but to create great connections along the way.

Services We Provide

Ways You Can Help

Gift of Love is a nonprofit organization that provides help to those in need. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to give back to community more than ever. We appreciate your desire to get involved here at Gift of Love. By lending your support, you can make an impact on the community. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help our food pantry service for families in need. By doing so, you'll get to experience our culture and learn more about our purpose. Other ways that you can contribute to our community is through donations. We want to thank our donors for giving back to the community, as their help goes a log way. Not only does it directly help others, but it allows for our organization to expand our services. To learn more about how you can help, go to our website under the "Way's to Help" section.

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  • 7th Annual Women's Lunch: FEB 6,2022

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